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Journal — September 2021

Elder Vernacular Events >> Oct – Nov

Nor Greenhalgh, Elder Palette, 2021
Nor Greenhalgh, Elder Palette, 2021
Participant at Elder Vernacular workshop, Sept 2021
Participant at Elder Vernacular workshop, Sept 2021

Book Launch & Composting Ritual >> Sun 7th Nov, 3-4pm @ NaturEscape, Florence Park (next to Tennis Courts), OX4 3LB

Join us to celebrate the launch of a new publication documenting Nor Greenhalgh’s Elder Vernacular project.

A limited edition risograph on recycled paper, designed and printed by Julia Utreras at Common Press, Oxford. A free pdf version will be made available on the Fig website soon.

Also on show will be a specially designed compost pavilion made using materials developed during the project.

See artworks created from local plants ritually added to the compost pile. Bring your own biodegradable offering to add!

Hot drinks, food and maybe a fire if the weather allows will also be on offer!

No need to book just turn up.

Elder Vernacular, Installation view, 2021
Elder Vernacular, Installation view, 2021

Window Exhibition  >> 18th Oct – 7th Nov

@ Fusion Arts Pop-up Gallery, 51 Between Towns Road, OX4 3LR (Outside Co-op Templars Square)

Showcase of artwork and materials developed during the Elder Vernacular project. Including experiments and artworks produced in workshops with Restore’s Elder Stubbs Recovery Group.