About this website
The current design of this website is determined by an algorithm. It uses live weather and astronomy data from our location in Oxford, UK to create a unique & unrepeatable composition.
The wind speed is 2mph, so the typography is a little bit distorted.
It's 02:42 – this determines the primary colour and the position of the gradient, and because it's daylight the colour is light rather than dark. Today's date, the 14th of July 2024 causes the contrast to shift and the gradient is rotated too. The gradient is also affected by sunrise at 05:08 and sunset at 21:13.
The UV index is 0 so the colours are not very saturated.
The condition is Clear so the composition is bright and saturated. There's a 8% cloud layer to match the sky.
This website was designed by Jake Dow-Smith Studio.

Our journal

Fig's Journal is a space for sharing the research and development of our projects and providing insight into Fig’s wider activities and interests.

Commissioned artists JC Niala and Eleanor Greenhalgh will be publishing reflections on their creative process and sharing work-in-progress throughout the year.